Dec 7 • Maritime Trainer

Maritime Trainer: Revolutionizing Maritime Industry Training

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In an era where the maritime industry faces significant challenges like decarbonization, digital transformation, and adapting to the Gen Z workforce, Maritime Trainer stands as a beacon of innovative training solutions.

What We Address:

🌿 Decarbonization: Assisting shipping companies in reducing emissions by providing relevant training courses.
💻 Digitalization: Investing in cutting-edge digital technologies to stay ahead in the competitive maritime sector.
🚀 Gen Z Workforce: Tailoring training programs to meet the unique expectations and needs of the emerging workforce.

Our Cutting-Edge Solutions:

📚 Instructional Design: Custom training programs for enhanced employee skill development.
🖥️ Smart Platform: An all-in-one platform for training, assessment, and reporting.
🤝 Customer Success: Dedicated support to maximize the benefits of our solutions.

Applications Across Maritime Needs:

🚢 From onboarding and safety training to resilience building, our diverse range of courses like e-learning, VR-based games, and 3D animations cater to all facets of maritime training.

Stay Ahead with Maritime Trainer:

🛠️ TMSA/Sire 2.0, DryBMS/Risq courses for compliance.
🌐 Cloud simulations and digital twin platforms for efficient learning.
🧠 Focus on crew wellness and mental health with our MTCare module.
📊 Advanced data analysis for operational improvement.