MTCare Program

Adapting to global crises, digitalization, and environmental concerns has made maritime careers more challenging. Fewer young people are opting for these careers due to a desire for purpose. Maritime trainers help shipping companies foster a culture that attracts and retains talent, aligning with ESG principles.
A maritime professional expertly navigating ship operations on a laptop, representing Maritime Trainer's Retain Solutions.
A happy maritime crew member preparing equipment on deck, reflecting the well-being focus of the MTCare Program.

Crew Wellness

Working on a ship can be a challenging and demanding. Seafarers face long periods away from home, isolation, and the risk of accidents. These factors can have significant impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. A crew wellbeing program can help address these challenges and support the health and wellbeing of seafarers.

Resilience Consultancy

Resilience is one of the important part of training for achieving the “Zero Accident” goal. Resilience is the ability to recover from bad circumstance. When faced with a tragedy, natural disaster, health concern, relationship, work, or school problem, resilience is how well a person can adapt to the events in their life.
Maritime officer overseeing vessel operations at port, exemplifying the robust nature of Resilience Consultancy services.
Engaged maritime professional attending a mental health webinar, indicative of the training's impact on maritime personnel well-being.

Mental Health Courses for Maritime Professionals

The maritime industry is progressively recognizing the significance of mental health. As awareness grows regarding the elevated rates of mental health issues and suicides among seafarers in comparison to their land-based counterparts, addressing this topic remains challenging. However, initiating conversations about mental health is of paramount importance.

Mentoring and Peer Programme

Mentoring is an art of giving presents. Presents the expertise of years and knowledge. It is also transferring the company culture in a structured session. The aim of the programme is to train mentors and mentees for this purpose.
Senior maritime officer mentoring a fellow crew member, aligning with the collaborative spirit of the Mentoring and Peer Programme.
Senior maritime officer mentoring a fellow crew member, aligning with the collaborative spirit of the Mentoring and Peer Programme.

Free Mental Health Awareness Course for Seafarers

Join our free, comprehensive course designed to help seafarers manage mental health challenges unique to life at sea. Gain practical strategies, access valuable resources, and improve your overall well-being and work performance.