Resilience Consultancy

Resilience Consultancy

Resilience is one of the important part of training for achieving the “Zero Accident” goal. Resilience is the
ability to recover from bad circumstance. When faced with a tragedy, natural disaster, health concern,
relationship, work, or school problem, resilience is how well a person can adapt to the events in their life.
A person with good resilience has the ability to bounce back more quickly and they are called RESILIENT

We provide a comprehensive consultancy on building the “Resilience Skills” and “The Implementation
Methodology of the Resilience Training” which will increase the effectivitiy of the trainings on board.
Our intention is to increase the effectiveness of the trainings by supporting the companies under below
3 main items:

Our Modules
Resilience Modules
Resilience is also one of the important part of training for achieving the
“Zero Accident” goal.
Learning Engagement Tool
Interactive CBT training employs reflective and problem-based learning with realistic scenarios and discussion questions to enhance interaction.
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Let’s Talk
We also care about your mental health with our Let's Talk module.
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1 - Awareness & Seminar (Classroom/Webinar Training)
Arranging an awareness seminar for the both shore & ship’s staff regarding the “Resilience Training Support Programme”. The content of the program will be consisting of
General Orientation for Resilience Programme
Methodology of Reflective Learning Training
Company Responsibilities
Ship Crew Responsibilities
A guidance regarding Ship Visits and Reporting (Major Visits and Reflective Learning Videos)
How to carry out the Learning Engagement Tools & Resilience Modules
Sample Session and Reporting
2 - Maritime Trainer Online Platform

All available Resilience Trainings are being integrated to the Maritime Trainer online training platform which makes the system much more effective and easier to monitor. LET and Resilience modules are being converted to the scenario based trainings.

Using the online platform will assist you to collect all necessary sources under a single roof. You will be able to schedule / plan all trainings and will allow you to keep records of all crew’s individual training datas. As per TMSA Element 3.2, the trend analysis will be possible via platform. All LET and Resilience topics will be reachable which are improved with a scenario based trainings. The evaluation module for the participants and facilitator will be active in the platform. All necessary updates will be carried out by our team without any extra cost.

Over Maritime Trainer online platform, you will be able to;

Set the Fleet Resilience Training Schedule
Collect all necessary data & documents under a single roof
Create a new record for each individual trainings and visits
Provide an evaluation for the participants/facilitator and establish a trend analyse system with the created evaluations (TMSA Element 3.2)
Reach the scenario based Learning Engagement Tool topics in order to increase the participation rate of the students
3 - Onboard Practical Training

Onboard resilience awareness and implementation programme will include the LET Trainings, Resilience Module Trainings, LFI Reflective Learning Videos and a familirization seminar for the Resilience. The content of training will include the definition and role of Resilience and the Reflective Learning Training System for achieving the “Zero Accident” goal onboard. The methodology of the system will be explained by our team with onboard sample sessions.

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