Learning Engagement Tool

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These courses are prepared to support the Partners in Safety Program that can be implemented onboard vessels to improve safety. The courses are generated in parallel to the original content by adding real-life situations and adding interactivity to ease the facilitation and improve the outcome.

Those are group courses of scripted stories, which are to be carried out with the leadership of a facilitator with small groups of people. Your crew will have the chance to discuss safety issues, risks, the importance of equipment maintenance, and communication for mentioned topics.

Our interactive CBT courses are based on a reflective learning methodology, prepared with a problem-based learning methodology that includes realistic scenarios and triggering discussion questions to create more interaction.

Reflective Learning is a training methodology that is a teaching strategy for critical thinking. The sessions create opportunities for the crew on board to think about what they have read, done, or learned. They will establish a link between the topic and their own experiences.

The brainstorming, speaking up, and trying to reach the learning objectives are the essential elements of these sessions, which will improve their ability to get the information. Participation and discussion of learning are more important than completing the session, so allow two or more sessions if necessary.

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