Jan 16 • Maritime Trainer

Set Sail with Knowledge: Unlocking the Secrets of EU's Maritime ETS with Our Free Course

The maritime industry is entering a new era with the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS) now encompassing maritime transport. This change, starting in 2024, mandates new compliance and monitoring protocols for large vessels. To navigate these changes, our comprehensive and free online course offers a beacon of guidance.

Understanding the New ETS Regulation

The EU's ETS extension includes rigorous emissions monitoring for ships over 5,000 gross tonnage. This marks a significant step in environmental accountability in maritime operations. Understanding these complex regulations is crucial, and our course provides an in-depth exploration to equip you for these changes.

The Vital Role of Our Online Course

Focusing on the practical aspects of this new regulation, our course breaks down the complexities of ETS compliance. It’s designed to offer actionable insights and strategies for professionals in the maritime industry, ensuring they are not only informed but also ahead in implementing these new standards.

Why Enroll in Our Free Course?

Enrollment in our course offers more than just information; it provides a roadmap to compliance and industry leadership in environmental stewardship. This is an unmissable opportunity for maritime professionals to enhance their understanding of ETS regulations, at no cost.


As the maritime industry adapts to the EU's ETS regulations, staying informed and prepared is essential. Our free online course is your key to unlocking this knowledge. Enroll now and set your course for success in this new regulatory landscape.