Meet Dünya Kılavuz: Charting New Waters in Maritime VR Training with Unreal Engine

new team member maritime trainer
This #TeamDay, we have Dünya Kılavuz, and he will tell us a little about himself and how he supports our company and our customers.

''Hello, I'm Dünya Kılavuz, an Unreal Engine Developer specializing in the maritime sector, driven by a passion for creating immersive VR games. Armed with both bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Engineering, my journey into VR & AR began with crafting AR filters and lenses for popular social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Currently, I'm charting new waters as a member of Maritime Trainer, focusing on the development of VR experiences tailored for the training of maritime crews. Our goal is to provide realistic scenarios without the need for actual equipment, making learning more accessible and engaging. Stay tuned for our upcoming VR app, currently in development. Exciting times ahead!''