Jun 5 • Maritime Trainer

This Team Day, We Have H Cigdem YORGANCIOGLU, And She Will Tell Us A Little About Herself And How She Supports Our Company And Our Customers.

”Oorah! Hello, Salute! Ola! Hoi, Ciao! Merhaba! Nǐ hǎo, Anyoung, Asalaam alaikum, Namaste! Shalom! Konnichiwa!

I studied Bosphorus University Economics-Business Administration(double major). I am a world traveler(107 countries visited), Smart Risk Taker, Economist, Instructor, Forensic Sciences Contract Management and Risk Expert, Cross-Cultural Affairs Expert and Researcher, Internal Auditor, and Advanced Openwater Scuba Diver. As an Agile, Design Thinker risk mitigation strategist.

I am instructing on various Maritime Affairs under the CLC360 modules. Implementing a constructive, well-formulated training program for Seafarers and Maritime stakeholders requires excellent work and responsibility. I am gratified to join the dynamic Maritime Trainer Family and Culture. I wholeheartedly believe that our prolific and rewarding synergy & collaboration with Maritime Trainer will engrave new success stories for all stakeholders of the Maritime Sector, including ourselves.”