tanker safety

1117-TMSA 3 Awareness

The aim of this training is to learn TMSA requirements and prepare to TMSA inspections.
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Course Content

After completing this training, the learner will be familiar with the following topics:
Element 1: Leadership and Safe Management System
Element 2: Recruitment and Management of Shore-Based Personnel
Element 3: Recruitment and Management of Vessel Personnel
Element 4: Reliability and Maintenance Standards Which Also Includes Critical Targets
Element 5: Navigational Safety
Element 6: Cargo, Ballast, Tank Cleaning , Bunkering,
Mooring and Anchoring Operations
Element 7: Management of Change
Element 8: Incident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis
Element 9: Safety Management - Shore Based Monitoring /Shipboard Monitoring
Element 10: Environmental and Energy Management
Element 11: Emergency Preparedness and Contingency
Element 12: Measurement, Analysis and Improvement -
Practical implementation issues for each element
Element 13: Marine Security

Course Requirement

On the 10th of April 2017, OCIMF (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum) released TMSA 3, the latest edition of the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) programme providing Tanker companies with a means to improve and measure their safety management systems.TMSA 3 revised and updated all twelve of the existing elements from the previous two editions and introduced a thirteenth – ‘Maritime Security.’
The TMSA programme and report is fully integrated within OCIMF’s Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE), providing a single area to maintain all data related to a vessel’s technical operator, including; Ship Inspections, Vessel Particulars Questionnaire (VPQ), Crew Reports and Incidents.
Company Specific Requirements

Additional Information

Last Updates
Dec 2019
Course Duration
2 Hours
Type of Course
Certificate & Validity
Yes / 5 Years
Maritime, Occupational Health & Safety, Oil and Gas, Wind
Ship Type
Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Gas Tanker, LNG Tanker
Target Group
Deck – Management, Deck – Operational, Engine – Management, Engine – Operational, Shorebased Personnel
Skill Level
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