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1122-Safe Mooring Operations

Safe mooring procedures are vital for vessel and aboard safety in maritime environments. In this training, you will gain the essential skills and knowledge required to conduct safe mooring operations, mitigate risks, and contribute to the overall safety standards in the shipping industry.
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Course Content

After completing this training, the learner will be familiar with the following topics:
 Mooring Patterns and Components
 Regulations and Documentation
 Mooring System Management Plan
 Mooring Equipment Guidelines
 Safe Mooring Procedures
 Checks and Maintenance

Course Requirement

Code of Safe Working Practices
OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines

Additional Information

Last Updates
Dec 23
Course Duration
45 minutes
Type of Course
Certificate & Validity
Yes / 5 Years
Ship Type
Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Gas Tanker, LNG Tanker, General Cargo, Bulk, Container, Passenger, RORO
Target Group
Deck – Management, Deck – Operational, Deck – Support, Engine - Support, Shorebased Personnel
Skill Level
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