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2314-Lock Out / Tag Out

Embark on a comprehensive journey through our detailed Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) training, designed to fortify safety protocols around hazardous energy sources at sea. This immersive video provides a step-by-step exploration of LOTO procedures, emphasizing roles, responsibilities, and meticulous execution in safeguarding maritime crew. Discover the critical importance of adhering to these procedures, ensuring seafarer safety, minimizing accidents, and optimizing equipment integrity for a secure maritime environment.
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Course Content

After completing this training, the learner will be familiar with the following topics:
 The importance of lockout/tagout procedures in ensuring worker safety during maintenance tasks
 The potential hazards that can be prevented by the lockout/tagout process
 The proper use and application of lockout devices and tags

Additional Information

Last Updates
May 2024
Course Duration
10 Minutes
Type of Course
Safety Video
Certificate & Validity
Yes / 5 Years
Maritime, Occupational Health & Safety, Oil and Gas, Wind
Ship Type
Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Gas Tanker, LNG Tanker, General Cargo, Bulk, Container, Passenger, RORO, Tug, Offshore, Tug
Target Group
Deck – Management
Deck – Operational
Engine – Management
Engine – Operational
Skill Level
Flag Approval