Transform Your Maritime Recruitment with Our Job Application and GDPR Module

Automate your hiring process, secure GDPR compliance, and boost applicant assessment efficiency.
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Benefits of Our Job Application Module

  Reduce HR Workload

Automatically process job applications and manage GDPR consents with less manual effort.

  Seamless Process

Self-enrollment of applicants suited to their roles and vessel types.

  GDPR Compliance Made Easy

Ensure all recruitment activities are fully compliant with GDPR standards with integrated consent management.


Job Application Submission

Applicants create their accounts and submit their CVs through a user-friendly online portal.

Automatic Enrollment

The assessments are enrolled automatically according to rank and vessel.

Setting KPI's

You can set passing scores and KPI's for the application criteria which gives you a final score of each applicant.

What’s Included:

  • Online Application Portal: A user-friendly interface for applicants to submit their CVs linked to your web page. 
  • Automated GDPR Compliance: Tools to manage consent forms and declarations in line with GDPR requirements.
  • Self Enrollment: Seamless integration of applicants into the training system upon the receipt of the application.
  • Automated Assignments: Assessments are assigned tailored to the applicant's specific rank and vessel type.                                  
  • Secure Mode: Assessments are protected by our proctoring system powered by vision analytics. Interview Records: Options to record the interview by taking notes and giving scores. Real-time CV Updates: Applicants can update their profiles and CVs anytime through the system.
  • Database Access: HR can access applicant data, assessment results, and GDPR consents effortlessly.

About Us

Maritime Trainer is a leading digital human capital company that provides solutions, dedicated to improving the efficiency and compliance of maritime operations worldwide. With years of industry experience, we provide innovative tools and services that empower seafarers of the industry to streamline their processes, enhance employee skills, and ensure compliance with regulations and industry requirements. Our commitment to technology and quality drives us to develop solutions that advance the sector and support our clients' success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the module ensure GDPR compliance?

The module automatically handles consent management during the application process, adhering to the latest GDPR standards.

Can the module be integrated with existing HR systems?

Yes, it's designed to seamlessly integrate with most existing HR systems for smooth functionality.

What types of training assessments are included?

Maritime English, Personality, Aptitude, and Competency Assessment can be assigned based on rank, and vessel type.

How is applicant data secured?

We use advanced encryption and security protocols to protect all applicant data stored and processed through our module. As a digital service provider, we have ISO 27001 certification.

Can applicants update their information?

Applicants have the ability to update their information anytime through the online system for ongoing accuracy.

Is there support available for module implementation?

Comprehensive support is provided from setup to full integration and beyond, ensuring smooth operation.