Marine Right Crew Test

Marine Right Crew Test

The most challenging issue for the HR Departments of maritime industry is to select the appropriate crew before sending them to work onboard. The use of psychometric tests has been on the rise over the last decades. But are they really effective?

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The Marine Right Crew Test is a behavioural assessment based on the Thomas Personality Inventory system with 1.5 million assessments per year in 56 different languages.
The behavioural characteristics of individuals are measured with an adjective-based test consisting of 24 questions that need to be answered in 8 minutes with the psychometric method. The accuracy margin is 85%. The reliability and validity studies are also conducted.

Are your crew;

  • Fit for the job?
  • Motivated?
  • Complaint with the company policies?
  • Have satisfactory performance?
  • How does an individual’s personality drive the behaviours you observe every day?
  • Exploring the Behaviour and Personality provides you with a comprehensive overview of your candidates.
  • You can have the responses to these vital questions over our assessment report with numerical data and easy to understand explanations.
  • You can even have the team reports of your crew and evaluate these reports vessel-based before forming the crew onboard.
7 Analysis with Artificial Intelligence
During the assessment the analysis below are made with the help of the Thomas artificial intelligence application.

  1. Potential analysis
  2. Position analysis
  3. Position fit analysis
  4. Motivation analysis
  5. Manager effect analysis
  6. Company fit analysis
  7. Performance analysis

The potential of the person is analysed within the measured behavioural characteristics, and the appropriate KPI set for the position (management, operational and blue-collar) is determined.The crew’s suitability for the job/position, motivation, manager effect, compatibility with the company, and performance are weighted numerically over 10 KPIs. 
Reporting in a Dashboard Format
The results are presented on a single page, 10 KPIs, and a single score.
On the ‘points to consider’ section;
Person’s strengths and weaknesses according to KPIs, spot-on, early warning and decision-support information are presented.
In this way, managers will not lose time with many pages and unprocessed information. Instead, they will proceed faster and smoother with processed and analyzed information.
Crew Role Report
By utilizing the Crew Role Report, you can benchmark the KPI’s of your crew for both management and operational level. You can select the best candidate from your pool that fits best for your requirements.
The Advantages of Marine Right Crew for Test Makers
Easy to access online,
  • available anytime,
  • anywhere,
  • Only 24 questions to be responded to within 8 minutes

  • Remote administration
  • Reliability with photo capturing option
  • Reporting in max 24 hours
  • Customized success scores
  • No training required to analyse the report
  • Easy to understand one-page report for the individual and a team report with numerical and explanatory information.
  • You can see the team report of your fleet and even the specific vessel by requiring the team report of this specific group to select the best candidate for your vessel.
  • You can use this assessment for both officers and ratings.Our school is for people who really want to gain knowledge about various professions/fields. Our instructors are well qualified, and the courses are thorough and comprehensive. 
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