Simulator Training

The use of simulators has been one of the main infrastructures for developing skilled seafarers for many years. On top of STCW requirements, the industry is also expecting shipowners to give refreshment training courses for their officers. In addition to that, during the transition period for alternative fuels, there will be lots of new training requirements that should be met through simulator courses before the model courses get ready.
A seafarer operating navigational equipment in a ship's bridge simulator with multiple radar screens, control panels, and a view of a simulated coastal cityscape at night
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Self Learning

You can benefit from student-led training courses prepared to meet specific operational skills. For each scenario, officers can have a tutorial telling all the steps of the operation first and requiring the applicant to fulfill the requirement over the live cloud simulation. After completion of the tutorial course on our platform, an assessment can also be enrolled for the same scenario. So, your officers can gain specific operational skills over the cloud simulation by self-learning over a live simulator at their home, and records can be kept on your training platform.

You can review our Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator Combined Training Package


You can also benefit from the simulators listed below for your internal training courses by using your own instructors without investing in an expensive infrastructure. Our experts can help you develop your own scenarios, and our instructors on oil-chemical liquid cargo handling and Bridge Resource Management can support you in organizing these courses over our cloud simulation.
The full list of the simulators you can benefit from is as below;

TechSim Liquid Cargo Handling
  • Oil Tanker Operations (VLCC, Suezmax, MR)
  • Chemical Tanker Operations
  • Gas Carriers Tanker Operations (LPG, LNG)

NTPRO Bridge Resource Management
  • Navigational Bridge

TechSim Engineering
  • Engine Room
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