Excelling Crew Assessment, Training and Retention Beyond Compliance

Our comprehensive digital maritime training platform offers a holistic solution tailored for the complete lifecycle of crew management. From assessment and training to retention, we ensure your maritime workforce excels with our innovative and cost-effective strategies. Designed to meet today’s requirements and adaptable for tomorrow's challenges, our platform supports your crew's ongoing development and operational excellence.

Some of the leading shipping companies that trust our services


Selecting Premier Maritime Talent:

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your multimillion-dollar maritime vessel with our expert crew selection. Our rigorous assessment modules evaluate prospective crew members' technical skills, cognitive abilities, and personality traits before they board. This meticulous screening process aligns candidates with your company's values and operational standards, guaranteeing optimal team dynamics and performance.
A maritime worker in orange coveralls and a white safety helmet attentively uses a tablet on the deck of a vessel, possibly for inspection or operational tasks.
A young officer aboard a ship meticulously plotting a course on a navigational chart in a well-lit bridge, illustrating traditional maritime navigation.


Train for Excellence and Safety

Our training programs encompass:
  1. Onboarding Training: Covers company policies, Safety Management Systems (SMS), and pre-joining preparation.
  2. Blended Learning: Utilizes digital interactive content to enhance safety, environmental responsibility, health, and operational skills, catering to modern learning preferences.
  3. Personal Development: Focuses on sustaining crew well-being and cultivating future maritime leaders.
Some of the leading shipping companies that trust our services


Sustain Crew, Increase Performance

Navigating modern challenges such as global crises, pandemics, digitization, and decarbonization requires new, non-technical skill sets. As the maritime industry sees a decline in career interest, especially among younger generations seeking meaningful work, the importance of a supportive workplace culture grows. The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework emphasizes the need for organizations to foster a culture that attracts and retains top talent. At Maritime Trainer, we understand these challenges and support shipping companies in transitioning to a culture that enhances operational excellence and safety, ensuring they attract and keep skilled seafarers. To ensure our seafarers are equipped for the demands of the modern age, we focus on enhancing key skills such as:
  • Resilience: Building the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
  • Effective Communication: Ensuring clear and concise exchanges.
  • Humanitarian Principles: Fostering a sense of empathy and understanding.
  • Leadership: Cultivating the ability to lead and inspire.
  • Emotion Management: Learning to effectively manage and regulate emotions.
  • Mentoring: Offering guidance and support for continuous professional development.
  • MTCare Program: Seafarer empowerment to create resilient, communicative, and emotionally intelligent maritime workforce.
A maritime professional is operating complex navigation equipment and using a laptop on the bridge of a ship, highlighting modern seafaring technology.

Our Service Offerings

We begin by understanding your unique needs through our complimentary consultancy service, designed to pinpoint and address your specific requirements. Our support extends beyond initial consultations, providing continuous assistance throughout transition, onboarding, and implementation phases to ensure a seamless integration into your operations.

Industry-Focused Approach

Our expertise in maritime training ensures you gain a competitive edge, blending industry insights with professional learning experiences.

Complimentary Consultancy

Shipping companies benefit from our free consultancy, receiving customized solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Universal Access

We democratize access to essential tools for seafarers, ensuring high-quality resources are available at an affordable price point, making comprehensive training accessible to all.

Unmatched Support

Our commitment to responsiveness ensures your inquiries never go unanswered, providing the support you need, when you need it.

Tailored Training Solutions

Our training programs are meticulously designed to address the specific challenges faced by seafarers today, offering more intensive and detailed sessions than standard offerings.

Certification of Competency

We elevate seafarers' skills through our certified courses, issuing reliable certifications that acknowledge their proficiency and readiness for the demands of modern maritime operations.

Why Choose Us

Optimize Crew Management with Our Modular Maritime PlatformOur comprehensive maritime platform is designed to efficiently manage every phase of crew engagement-from assessment and familiarization to onboarding, training, enhancement, and retention. It supports a wide range of stakeholders including HR, Training, Fleet, Safety, IT, and general management. We prioritize understanding your company's definition of success from the first interaction, ensuring our platform not only meets your current needs but is also adaptable and scalable for future requirements. This includes tailored solutions for both company-wide objectives and specific onshore department heads. Our expertise spans key industry standards and initiatives such as TMSA, Sire 2.0, DryBMS, and Risq, catering to companies across the maritime, offshore, and shipping sectors.

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matrix to review how we assist you in meeting the industry requirements.

Click to review our

matrix to review how we assist you in meeting the industry requirements.
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Innovative digital learning technology and service provider

We Constantly Improve Our Skills to Provide Digital Learning Solutions


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Annual Assessment


Annual Courses

Our partners

We are proud to be partnering with top class learning providers and supporting charities for crew wellness.

How It Works?

We analyse your needs and offer the best solutions, in a modular way. You select the best option that meets your expectations. 


Specific Orientation Training

  • Analyze Needs: We conduct a thorough analysis to understand your specific requirements and propose tailored modular solutions.
  • Select Solutions: You choose the option that best aligns with your expectations, ensuring a customized approach to training.
  • Gather Information: Essential details are collected from you to develop a custom orientation module, tailored to your company's unique needs.
  • Develop Training: Our experienced mariners create targeted orientation training, including SMS related queries, for your review and approval.


We Get Ready the Platform

  • Custom Deployment: Your platform goes live, tailored with either your specific domain or our branded subdomain.
  • Preparation & Approval: We set up the platform and its content, finalizing only with your nod.
  • Stakeholder Training: Comprehensive guidance is provided to all involved parties on navigating and utilizing the platform effectively.
  • Direct Access: A dedicated link to the crew application module is integrated into your website for seamless access.Data Transfer: We migrate all necessary crew data to our platform, ensuring they're set for the required assessments and training.
  • Offline Readiness: For vessels without internet access, we create an offline package complete with USBs, or embed directly into the ship’s server, complemented by detailed administrative instructions.


Ready to Use

  • System Activation: Our platform is fully operational. Ensure new candidates complete essential assessments and training via the application module before embarking.
  • Training Verification: Confirm that all crew members adhere to and log the vessel's training regimen as per administrative protocol.
  • Fleet Training Management: Should you opt for our oversight, we offer comprehensive fleet training supervision and detailed reporting to streamline your operations.


How Our Customers Describe Us?


''Before becoming a marine superindentent I was a captain with YMN Tanker and involved in the decision to choose MTR 6 years ago.From our initial analysis,they not only offered the basics to enable TMSA complianca,but solitionsa to address our entire ship & shore trainin,competence and development needs. Over the years they have proven to be a effective and proactive partner rather then just a supplier.Alwaysa ready to listen to our future development needs & plans and offer ideas on how they can be cost-effectibely addressed. ''
Capt. Muhsin Demir
Fleet Manager, YMN Tanker
''We have been a customer of MTR for the past 5 years.Initially chosen because they provided a range of services not avaible from other providers we considered.All at a competitive price.We retain their services because they provide a total staff assessment,onbourding and training solution.There are always improvements as regulations or in-house requirements alter.But we have found MTR to never be more than a question away from addressing and implementing our training needs. ''
Nizamettin Ugur Unur
Training Superintendent,Pakoil
''Training is everything. I used MTR at my previous company so when I joined Susesea 3 years ago I convinced the management to use them. My reasons were that they provide everything I need for our training needs now and from what I regularly see, in the future too. From my years of experience, MTR is very helpful and responsive. My last request was handled in just an hour. As training is everything within our company, I'd recommend any training manager, safety manager or ISM to consider them. ''
Capt. Ali Dogan
Training Superintendent,Susesea
"A collage of maritime-themed images including a ship engineer, a lookout with binoculars, and various ships at sea, representing diverse aspects of seafaring life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maritime Trainer?

Maritime Trainer is a leading provider of digital learning solutions for the maritime industry, offering a range of training programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of seafarers and shore-based staff.

What types of training does Maritime Trainer offer?

Maritime Trainer provides various training options including simulator training, classroom and webinar training, digital twin technology, soft skill training, and more. These programs cover essential aspects of maritime operations, safety, and compliance.

How does Maritime Trainer customize its training programs?

Maritime Trainer customizes its training programs based on the specific needs of each client. We conduct thorough assessments to understand the requirements and tailor the modules accordingly to ensure they meet the unique operational and safety needs of different maritime organizations.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) in maritime training?

VR offers an immersive learning experience that closely mirrors real-life conditions, enhances safety through risk-free simulations, and reduces costs associated with physical resources. It enables trainees to practice emergency responses and operational procedures in a controlled, virtual environment.

Do Maritime Trainer’s programs include certification?

Yes, we provide certification upon completion of our courses, offering reliable certificates that validate the knowledge and skills of seafarers. These certifications are recognized across the maritime industry and help in career advancement.

How can I get started with Maritime Trainer’s services?

 To get started with our services, you can contact us directly through our website to discuss your training needs and customize a program that fits your requirements. We offer consultations to help you understand how our solutions can benefit your organization.

What kind of support does Maritime Trainer offer?

We offer extensive support, including technical assistance and continuous updates to ensure that training programs are effective and up-to-date with the latest industry standards. We also provide personalized support to address specific client needs.