Reflective Learning | Problem Based Learning

Reflective Learning / Problem Based Learning is an Education System which is a teaching strategy for critical thinking. The method involves trainees thinking about what they have read, done or learned.

The Interactive Training relates the topics to participants’ own experiences by establishing a link between training topics and real life. It is much more than just memorizing some facts, formulas or dates. It improves the participation ratio of the trainees and provides an opportunity for building up imagination and creativity which allows a brain storming between the students.

Resilience is also one of the important part of training for achieving the “Zero Accident” goal.
When faced with a tragedy, natural disaster, health concern, relationship, work, or school problem, resilience is how well a person can adapt to the events in their life. A person with good resilience has the ability to bounce back more quickly.

We provide a combination of “Reflective Learning” and “Resilience” which will increase the effectivitiy of the trainings on board.
For this purpose, we have created various e-learning CBTs covering the learning engagement tools and the resilience modules.

We are providing the whole Resilience tools as a package which allows you to manage, monitor, record keeping, having feedbacks, evaluations, scheduling and getting statistics of the trainings through our LMS Platform.
We provide an online and offline platform that includes;
  • The full Content of Resilience program together with the guides, videos and CBT’s that has been converted from LET and Resilience training packages under problem based learning methodology.
  • A Training Manager module that you can easily plan all the relevant training for the vessels and vessels or office admin can record all the necessary info like participants, their evaluation, photos of the training or crew’s personal commitments after the completion of the trainings/visits
  • A Satisfaction Questionnaire module in order to measure the performance of the visitor/superintendent and facilitator.
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We also update all the necessary revisions and additional trainings both at online and offline system.
By this module the implemantation of the resilience program will be more structured and the data collected can easily be analysed for the improvement of the safety performance and the evidence to the third parties. As a summary;
Over Maritime Trainer online platform, you will be able to;
  • Set the Fleet Resilience Training Schedule
  • Collect all necessary data & documents under a single roof
  • Create a new record for each individual trainings and visits
  • Provide an evaluation for the participants/facilitator and establish a trend analyse system with the created evaluations (TMSA Element 3.2)
  • Reach the scenario based Learning Engagement Tool topics in order to increase the participation of the students
  • Reach most relevant interactive Resilience Training Modules including case studies, work shops, mini games etc.

Learning Engagement Tool

The reflective learning methodology is an educational approach that aims to enhance interaction by using a problem-based learning methodology that includes realistic scenarios and discussion questions.

Resilience Modules

Resilience is essential for achieving the "Zero Accident" goal. It involves an individual's ability to adapt and cope with challenges in various aspects of life, such as tragedies, natural disasters, health concerns, relationships, work, and school.

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Working on a ship can be a challenging and demanding. Seafarers face long periods away from home,isolation, and the risk of accidents. These factors can have significant impact on their physical and mental well being.